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Ten days in Sweden with teenagers

Updated: Jun 7

To help you plan your holiday at Nygård Cabins, we came up with several programmes. The first in line is one for families with teenagers. Over the next few weeks, we will also come up with proposals for experienced hikers, culture lovers, families with young children, etc. There is so much to do in and around Sunne that we can tailor a programme for everyone.

But so now, first the teenagers. And then it's important to mention first of all: we have super-fast Wifi! So don't worry, every young person's basic needs are covered!

But if you still like to explore Sweden, we came up with this exciting programma for families who have 10 days to spare.

Day 1: Hiking & grilling

Put on your hiking boots and fill your backpack with grilled sausages and marshmallows! Today, you will head into the forest for an adventurous hike and make your own lunch on a cosy fire pit.

Also bring a container for any berries you pick along the way.

Did you ever swim in a lake? Everywhere around, you can find a fantastic bathing spot with a pier from which you can jump straight into the lake. And the water is not cold at all in summer! Did you know that Swedish children have swimming lessons in a lake?


Day 2 : Cross country skiing

Skiing in summer? Yes you can! In Torsby, you can cross-country ski all year round in an indoor ski tunnel. Book a cross-country skiing lesson and compete with the whole family!After such a great effort, a big burger or milkshake tastes great! So stop on the way back at Diner 45, an Old American Diner from the 1950s. Also located there is the Tossebergsklätten, a high mountain from where you have a stunning 360° view. Do you dare to climb all the way up the observation tower?


Day 3: Kayaking

Do you love adventure on the water? Then book a trip by kayak! Climb on the back of the tractor that takes you upstream, where your kayak enters the water. You'll cruise down the river at a leisurely pace and end up at a pretty beach, where you can leave the kayak behind. Along the way, you can spot beavers or moose and stop at several places to make a fire and have a picnic.


Day 4: Walking with huskies

Have you ever hiked with a husky? You can here in Sweden! You get a wide belt around your belly and set off with a strong husky. Or will the husky walk with you?Do you prefer a little less adventure? Then you can also just visit the kennel and cuddle with the dogs. Afterwards, it's time to cool off at the beautiful lake beach in Lysvik. There you'll swim in one of Sweden's largest lakes. While you're in Lysvik, be sure to visit Mormors Glass Café for a giant ice cream sunday!


Day 5: Moose watching

If you are lucky, you will see moose on our property or while driving around. But these huge animals can hide very well.

Luckily, you can spot moose in the Moose Park and get lots of explanations about their lives (in English).

And of course, on your way back, there is another beautiful lake for swimming and picnicking.


Day 6: Waterpark

Today, you can look forward to a day of waterfun! At Sunne Sommarland you will find plenty of outdoor pools, water slides (there is even one with foam!), an obstacle course, whirlpools,...

Most of the pools are heated, but for the really daring there is also an obstacle course on the big lake.


Day 7: Bushcrafting

Can you survive in nature? Jeroen takes you into the forest for a bushcrafting lesson. You will try out all kinds of cool things and learn a lot of tricks about what nature has to offer you. A day to remember!


Day 8: A day at the lake

Eszter has chosen a beautiful spot at a lake for you today. The canoes are ready, the SUP is inflated, you will learn to fish and cook it on an open fire. In short, a whole day in pure Swedish style!


Day 9: Golf disc

Today you will play golf with a frisbee! Just like golf, the golf disc course has 18 holes, but for this you do not use a golf stick, but a frisbee. Pure fun for the whole family!


Day 10: Trampoline park

Is it raining today? No worries! The trampoline park in Karlstad is open every day! Leave your parents in the cafetaria or send the into town to explore wonderful museums, cose restaurants and nice shops. This will give you time for the obstacle course, fast track, jump tower, air floor and so much more.


Are you looking forward to a fun family vacation? Welcome at Nygård Cabins!
Get in touch and we will be happy to help you plan your holiday to remember.

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