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Our Favourite Places To Eat

There's a lot more to discover about Swedish food than köttbullar (meatballs)! 

Swedes love to have fika at any time of the day; 

a nice cup of coffee with something sweet to eat, typically a "kanelbulle" (cinnamon roll)


Did you know that it is often very cheap to eat lunch at a restaurant in Sweden? 

At many places you can go for the dagens lunch for about 110 sek! Water or juice and coffee with cake are usely included.

In Sunne, we have a large variety of restaurants: from cosy fika places to fast food diners and quality restaurants. 

We have selected our favourite top 9 to share with you!

Is it a pub, is it a restaurant? Or just a place where the hunters hang out? We don't know, but we love the food!

Just don't mind the guns hanging on the wall...

Slottet offers a dagens lunch, but we prefer to eat a la carte in the evenings. We highly recommend you taste the moose carpaccio and the moose burger!

Back to the 50's! The Swedes love classic cars, rock'n roll and hamburgers.

No wonder this place is so popular! Diner 45 serves the best hamburgers and milkshakes in a retro American interior. 

Located in a beautiful old house in the center of Sunne, this is the cosiest place to have a fika! They serve great coffee, tasty lemonades and freshly baked cakes, pies, waffles, sandwiches... 

In Lysvik, you can enjoy fika, lunch or dinner on a big waterfront terrace, overlooking the Fryken lake. 

Apart from the good food and nice atmosphere, this place also has an interior design shop if you are looking for some souvenirs to take home.

Are you in for a romantic diner with a stunning view over the lake? Book your table in advance at Kulinarika, because this is the best kept secret in our area. 

Fine dining with local food, amongst the locals. It does not get better than this!

Also located in Lysvik, you will find "Grandma's ice cream café". This place is famous for a large variety of freshly made ice cream and a beautiful garden overlooking the Fryken lake.

There are many take away restaurants in Sunne, but Minari Sushi is our favourite. 

In the land of salmon, sushi is great and cheap!

Another stunning place for lunch or fika, overlooking a lake and a beautiful little church.

Kalasmakeriet offers the typical Swedish smörgåsbord; a buffet with a large variety of cold and warm local dishes. The perfect setting for a family lunch!

Are you craving for meat? Maybe some deer, boar or moose from the forests in Värmland? Tvällen is the place to be for exquisite game dishes, served in an old fashioned kitsch decor. 

It takes an hour drive from Nygård through the forest, but it is well worth the trip!

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