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Fun for the whole family


Welcome to one of the best places to travel with kids! Children and family come first in the Swedish culture which you will notice anywhere you go. Every restaurant you visit has a special kid's menu. Most museums have adapted their exhibitions and have playgrounds. On family-friendly hikes, you find trolls and miniature figures hidden in the forest. 

At Nygård, children will have the time of their lives enjoying nature. How about spotting deer, discovering wildlife tracks, picking berries, swimming in the lake, grilling sausages on a campfire ... ?


Our visitors often don't associate Sweden with outdoor waterfun. But thanks to our wonderful climate, Sunne Sommarland is a popular attraction for families.

You can ride a slide through a sea of foam, race your friends through tunnels, try a free fall into the water, ...


If you just wish to relax, there are sun loungers, hot pools, sauna's and a restaurant.


In winter, don't miss out on the opportunity to make a family-friendly husky tour!

Even in summer, you can have fun with a whole bunch of adorable huskies. Visit the kennel to cuddle and pet them or take them for a walk. 


There is a small alpaca farm you can visit during the summer and that offers guided walking tours with the alpacas. 

While the children admire all the animals on the farm, such as silk hens, peacocks, guinea pigs and cats, you can visit the shop where you can buy alpaca yarn and finished products.


Looking for some excitement? Try Jumpyard in Karlstad! 

They offer over 3000 sqm trampoline park with lots of trampolines, sky riding, climbing, a ninja track and football. 


During summer and in early autumn, the forests surrounding Nygård are abundant of delicious berries: blueberries, raspberries and the typical Swedish lingonberries.

Thanks to the "allemansrätten", you can pick berries and even mushrooms anywhere you like. If you know what a chanterelle looks like, go ahead! But be careful to never pick and eat wild mushrooms unless they've been identified by an expert! 


If you're really lucky, you may spot a moose at Nygård. But as these royal animals are experts in hiding, you can increase your chances by visiting the moose park and look them in the eye, pet and feed them.


You will learn all about the moose during a two hour guided tour offered in English.


Rottneros Park is a flower and sculpture park inspired by the great European parks, and also a wonderful place for children to play. Here you will find works of the great Nordic sculptors in a wonderful environment filled with flowers and plants. 

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