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5 ways to enjoy Sweden during autumn and winter

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Summer is coming to its end and the nights are getting colder at Nygård. Time to make some plans for a cozy vacation in Sweden during autumn or winter!

Find out why we just love this time of year!

1° Slow down to the pace of nature. As soon as you pass Göteborg, the Swedish landscape invites you to slow down. Here you will be able to disconnect and relax. Our cabins are isolated to the maximum while having large windows, so you will always be in contact with nature. Have a look inside the cabin

2° Christmas starts early. Swedes really know how to celebrate Christmas and the preparations already start at the beginning of November If you're a fan of handicrafts and local food, we recommend you plan your stay at Nygård Cabins around one of the following bigger Christmas markets:

  • Mårbacka: 2-5 November

  • Ransäter: 18 November

  • Brunskog: 25-26 November

3° Real seasons. At Nygård you will experience a real autumn and winter. We have colorful autumn landscapes with lots of mushrooms, leaves on the ground, crispy air, and still a lot of daylight. This is the ideal time for grilling sausages over a campfire and enjoying long walks in the forest or near the many lakes.

4° Snow! Snow is coming early: usually around mid-November. January-April is the better season for bigger, long-lasting amounts of snow.

The ski slopes of Hovfjället and Branäs (all easily reachable from Nygård) are open from mid-December and offer high-quality natural snow. So how about an early ski trip?

5° Sweden is not expensive, contrary to what most people think. The Swedish krone has never been so low. Alcohol prices are now comparable to those in Central Europe and restaurants have even become very cheap for visitors from euro countries. So check out the rates of our holiday homes, and you will be surprised how affordable your next vacation can be.

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